Chamber Music and more for Children with and without Handicap

The concert series

'PROMETHEUS, LET THERE BE FIRE!' – Fire is simultaneously valuable, fascinating and dangerous. Our chamber music project 'PROMETHEUS, LET THERE BE FIRE!' ignites a passion in children for classical music, history, science and rhetoric.

Discovery and cultural experience is an existential need for all children, sharpening the senses, arousing curiosity in new topics, promoting contextual reflection and stimulating individual creativity.

Writer Gerhard Meister writes eloquent and entertaining tales, verse and lyric, cleverly promoting mythology, philosophy and a hunger for knowledge with humour. Composer Sebastian Gottschick translates words into music by arranging 'Prometheus'  inspired works by Beethoven, Liszt, Skrjabin and Bargiel as well as Wagner’s 'Goetterdaemmerung' and Igor Stravinsky’s 'Feu d’Artifice' for Piano Quintet – the Eldering Ensemble and Guests.

Performing artists of the Eldering Ensemble: 
Shoko Kawasaki (piano) | Simon Monger (violin) | Jeanette Gier (cello)
and guests:
Gerhard Meiser (text & moderation) | Sebastian Gottschick (composition & viola) | Teemu Kauppinen (double bass) | Kirsten Ross (Puppeteer)


Project Dates

'PROMETHEUS, LET THERE BE FIRE!' is designed as an active participation-concert in which children of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes (primary and inclusive schools) are prepared in specially designed workshops. Our music educators visit schools over two days, work on selected participation pieces and introduce children to the concept of fire from different perspectives. 


Emotion and activation

Chamber music, – an intimate form of music making – speaks directly to children on an emotional level.  Performing music in a duo, trio or quartet formation equates to an intensive communication without words between musicians t and audience members alike.  Music in particular is seen as a key factor in activating a child’s creative and social skills. The concerts are not only aimed at children with and without handicap but also at their families and mentors across all generations. The shared experience and journey through music performance in public venues and concert halls promotes cultural inclusion and participation. 



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